AKC-Plumbers is a specialist in roofing. For a quick and thorough solution for problems with roofing, we are at your service 24 hours a day, with no call out charge. Our experienced roofing professionals are always close at hand to assist you. We work from multiple offices in North Holland, including Amsterdam and Zaandam. We work with specific and professional equipment to solve your roofing problem.

Gutters and drainpipes

Gutters are available in different materials. For a high quality gutter, the best to use is zinc. At AKC-Roofing we have the right professionals who have the experience working with zinc and lead, which is a crafting skill that not anyone can carry out.

With no call out charge and 24 hours a day, we stand ready to help solve your drainpipe problems. Our experienced specialists are ready for you. By using advanced equipment, drainpipe problems will be resolved professionally.

Roof terrace

Both wood and aluminum are being used for fencing the roof when building a roof terrace. AKC-Roofing has the right professionals who can carry out this specialized work. AKC-Roofing cooperates with architects to make the right construction drawings, which also will be used for applying for the necessary building permits. Important: it can take up to 12 to 20 weeks before a permit is issued.

Different sorts of roofing

Tile roofs are being used in the Netherlands already for centuries, and come in many different shapes, colors and sizes. When tiles break or discolor, it can be difficult to find new exact matching tiles for your roof. AKC-Roofing has contacts with various suppliers to find the right tiles for you, and also can perform almost any repair. Call AKC-Roofing for a free tender. Besides tile roofs, AKC-Roofing can provide you with slate, bituminous and shingle roofs.


AKC-Roofing stands for quality, and therefore has the specialists to finish the work at your satisfaction. Carpentry, painting and electrical work are just a few of many other specialties AKC-Roofing can carry out for you.