Your complete plumber

AKC-Plumbers specializes in solving clogging and drain problems. Our experienced professionals provide quality work and stand ready to help you 24 hours a day. You pay no call-out costs and our specialists will always be with you as fast as possible. AKC-Plumbers uses advanced technology and equipment in order to solve the problem quickly.

Water pipes and central heating

If you are planning to rebuild your kitchen, AKC-Plumbers can prepare the water pipes for you. This way you can be sure that when installing your new kitchen all water connections are in the right place. Should you face clogging of your kitchen drains, our advanced camera technology will find the problem so we can resolve the problem fast en professional.

A malfunction of the central heating is something you do not want. AKC-Plumbers offers maintenance contracts to keep your central heating working as it supposed to do. Should there be a problem with the central heating, AKC-Plumbers has the knowledge and skills to resolve this for you.

Gas pipes

The specialists of AKC-Plumbers will install your gas pipes safely. We also have the right knowledge and skills to install gas pipes for houseboats. In Amsterdam we already made many houseboat owners happy, for giving them that secure feeling knowing the work has been done with the greatest profession.

Mechanical ventilation

Mechanical systems can provide ventilation in the house. One possibility is a mechanical exhaust system. This technique eliminates the air out of the house. To do so, well vents or windows valves are needed.

During mechanical ventilation, a special fan motor sucks out air through air ducts and vents from the kitchen, bathroom and toilet. On or below the roof a central ventilator will be installed, which will extract air via connected round metal ducts from kitchen, bathroom and toilet.

If you want this work to be done with great care and professional, the specialists of AKC-Plumbers will gladly install it for you.

Always feel secured with a maintenance contract for your boiler

A broken boiler is quite annoying and is always inconvenient. Good maintenance prevents a breakdown.

With a maintenance contract from AKC PLUMBERS you are assured of annual professional maintenance of your boiler.

This way you are always assured of warm water and a warm house.

Gas pipes

One of the specialties of AKC PLUMBER is gas inspection and inspection on site.

As a gas technician we are member of UNETO-VNI, so we provide the inspection of gas installations in private houses and houseboats.

Gas inspections are usually required by district councils for a split application of a building.

These days it is becoming more important for the home insurance to receive a report of approval after the inspection.